Meet Nancy

Nancy Crain Baby PhotographerMe in a Nutshell:

I married the boy next-door.

I work every day with my best friend, (the boy next door), which makes life pretty sweet.

When I open up my door to find a special little someone on the other side it’s like Christmas every day.

I enjoy having a built-in excuse to shop all things baby all the time.

I thank my lucky stars every day for my family, my dogs, my home, my friends and my camera.

I’m always searching for treasure.  Nope, not gold or diamonds – buckets, old doors, chairs with character are my treasures that find their way in to my collection of prop awesomeness.

Being a mom of two I’ve learned that every age is a stage.  Every stage is precious.  Every stage goes by at lightning speed.  My clients invite me in to their lives to preserve their stages in a creative, beautifully artistic way.  Do I have the best job in the universe?  You bet I do.

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