About Arken Studios


Arken Studios is our family business and our pride and joy, which is a pretty great thing to be able to share together as a family. Located in Sebastopol, CA, Arken Studios, plain and simple, is Fun with a capital F. We love having it. We create unique experiences for our clients so they can have it too. The results are what we strive for with every session – images filled to the brim with life, energy and emotion. It’s a challenge and an adventure that we embrace every day.

We are always looking for that next great opportunity to evolve as artists.  We love to get down in the dirt and have a good time, crawl through the sand and climb mountains all in the name of getting images that will take your breath away.  What could be more fun than that?

The best feeling in the world?  Knowing that along the way, we’ve built more than just a portfolio, we’ve built relationships.  And, at the end of the day, that’s a really great way to feel.

Our Team


Ron Crain

Writing about oneself is a bit intimidating. Should it be written in first or third person perspective?  What is it about me that someone would want to know? I’m a husband a father, and a human being just like you.  I’ve worked hard all my life, starting in High School with multiple jobs.  I’ve worked for a Roller Coaster company, Peterbuilt Motors (I’ve actually built a handful of trucks during a Union Strike) and then moved into Technology companies just as the personal computers came into their infancy.  I have designed Disc Drives and the tooling to build them.  I have worked for Fortune 500 companies and worked for myself.  Now, I work for you.

But, I guess if you’re reading this, you want to know about my photography background, right?  Although my photographic foundation is in product photography, I sampled portrait work while at West Valley College.  There’s something about being able to craft a portrait to bring out the best qualities of a person that a snapshot just can’t achieve.  It’s a rare honor to be able to create something that I myself find fascinating while looking at my ancestor’s portraits.

Generations from now, who will be looking at the portraits that I create?  Will they be able to sense the subject’s personality from the pose?  Will the lighting cause them to pause and wonder about their ancestor the way I do?  Will the engagement and wedding images which I create convey a couple’s deep love which is so obvious to me?  These are my goals and challenges as I approach every client’s session.  I love to bring out the hidden personalities of the High School Senior which their parents may not regularly see.  Watching the Senior blossom during their photo shoot while we treat them like America’s Next Top Model is an indescribable feeling.  Knowing while I push the shutter that the result will be a portrait to be treasured for a lifetime is an honor that humbles me every day.

Trust me to be your photographer.  I don’t take the role lightly.  Your grandchildren will appreciate the effort you gave to leave a lasting impression for them and their grandchildren.

Newborn Photographer Nancy Crain

Nancy Crain

As co-owner of Arken Studios, Nancy Crain wears a coat of many colors.  From Photographer to Office Manager, Nancy's talents are broad and diverse.  With over twelve years of experience in the wedding industry prior to her photography career, Nancy now extends her passion for quality and elegance into the images she captures as well as into the albums and products she designs.  

She utilizes her intuitive attention to detail in creating and editing images while maintaining a welcoming and comfortable boutique studio environment.  Nancy says:  “I’ve been told I’m in love with love.  Guilty.  I’ve been called a “photo ninja”.  I’ll thank my 5 foot 1ness for that title.  I adore what I do as a professional photographer and believe one of life’s greatest, irreplaceable treasures is a photograph.  Having the skills and abilities to capture  memories for you to have and hold forever is something I will always be thankful for.  

I’ve learned and continue to learn my craft from the best – including my partner in career and in life. (Guess who?)  My work is a creative expression of me.  To share that with my husband is pretty much life with a cherry on top.”


We have been fortunate enough to have our photography skills recognized in the form of “official awards”, which is a very cool thing and warm feeling at the same time.  We will always continue to strive, reach and aim for the stars which translates into being the very best we can be for you,  our clients.