Senior Photo Session Tips

Senior Photo Session Tips

Senior Photo Session TipsTick-Tick-Tick

Arrive 30 minutes before your appointment.  This allows plenty of time to get situated, outfits organized & makeup touched up w/o eating into your valuable session time. Being prompt keeps us on track without having to cut into any of your session time.

Cover Girl Makeup Tips

We advise you to wear your makeup in your normal style.  Simply apply it slightly heavier than normal.  Please note: Avoid makeup with an SPF in it.  Although it is good for your skin in the sun, the SPF tends to create a shine.  You can also control shine by using a translucent powder.

A Hair & Makeup Artist is available upon request for an additional fee and will come to our studio if their schedules permit.  Please discuss this desire with us when you call to make your appointment.  Allow 30-60 minutes, depending on your choice of services. Pricing available upon request.

Hair Time!

Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session. Haircuts should be made at least a week before your appointment – This applies to you guys too!  Quick and easy hairstyles add fun versatile looks to your images. Changing hairstyles during your session are OK, but make them fast or we’ll  lose precious camera time.

The Weather Channel

When we do outdoor sessions, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  Do not worry if it rains on your scheduled session day.  If we are getting torrential rains we will reschedule your session.  If it’s just wet outside from prior rain – Lucky you!  That will make some of the best images!  Or, you can always go for “The Wet Look”!


Don’t fret, all of your portraits will be fully retouched, so don’t worry if your complexion breaks out right before your session.  For the most severe breakouts, here’s a great video of a master coverup artist.

The California Tan

We warn you not to over-do the tanning bed or sun. Your skin will have a natural luster and color if you let it rest from tanning for three days prior to your session.  Sunburns are the most difficult skin issue to retouch and extra charges may apply if this is the case, so please watch your Sun time.


Don’t forget to bring fun accessories!  Hats, scarves, jewelry, boots, jackets, belts, and coats all make stylish additions to your basic outfits.  Accessories create a variety of looks for your portraits.

Cool Stuff

Personal props help to visually define who you are at this important time in your life.  Popular props are: Sports equipment, musical instruments, posters, pennants, teddy bears, skateboards, uniforms and collectibles.  Look inside yourself to find your personal symbols, then look in your closet.


Don’t spend a lot of time hunting for shoes for every outfit.  We know many of your favorite shots will be concentrated on your beautiful face.  Many other shots will be focused from the waist up.  Shoes simply will not show in every shot. Then again, a favorite shot of ours is surrounding the Senior with all her adorable shoes!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Bring something unique, at least one outfit that represents your wilder side!  Be cool and colorful, a little crazy, a Fashionista!  It’s your time to have FUN!

Camera colors

The camera dislikes stripes, plaids and detailed prints.  The camera loves solid colors and jewel tones.  Black is beautiful and it looks great on everybody.  Be “Creative” and think “Variety”.  This is when thinking “Outside the Box” can be fun.  We want you to bring several color choices and then together we can coordinate them into fun, cool styles that will look fantastic in your portraits.

Fashion Consult Time

Be your own fashion editor.  Choose different styles, colors and textures of clothing.  Remember, your pictures can represent all seasons.  Bring a range of clothing despite the actual weather.  Do you want a variety of looks and background choices?  Then bring an assortment of Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall pieces!

We offer a 30 minute COMPLIMENTARY fashion consultation for every Senior.  If you have scheduled a “Storybook” session, the Fashion Consultation is required.  Ask us about this option and we’ll take care of you.  Remember, if you do not choose to schedule the Consultation, you will need to arrive to the studio at least 30 minutes ahead of time!