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Some Wedding Photographers will show up for a wedding with just one camera body and a lens or two.  Ever wonder what would happen if that photographer had a problem with his camera or main lens?  I was wondering about this during our last wedding of 2012 when one of my flashes made weird noises when I turned it on.  We ALWAYS have backup gear with us when we show up to photograph a wedding.  Failure of hardware is handled in stride.  Take a look at this iPhone image I shot of all the gear we brought with us for Kim & Chad’s wedding in Houston Texas.

The gear we use for a wedding.


Roughly Left to Right:  Tripod, Light Stands, 6 Flashes, 5 Camera Bodies, Lots and Lots of lenses, 3 Battery Packs for Flashes, Extra Batteries for the Cameras as well as the flashes, a multitude of Flash Cards for the images, Battery Chargers, Laptop and external Hard Drive for backing up the images right after the wedding.

We don’t take your wedding photography casually!  Rest easy when you hire Arken Studios for your wedding.


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