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Sonoma Wedding Photographer – The Gear we use for a Wedding

Some Wedding Photographers will show up for a wedding with just one camera body and a lens or two.  Ever wonder what would happen if that photographer had a problem with his camera or main lens?  I was wondering about this during our last wedding of 2012 when one of my flashes made weird noises…

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Sonoma Wedding Photographer visits Houston for a Wedding

Our team of 3 photographers traveled to Houston Texas last week to photograph the Wedding of Kim & Chad.  We arrived Thursday night and after unpacking and finding some dinner, we settled in for the night since we needed to get going early.  We originally planned on scouting locations on Friday for what we call…

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Sonoma Photographer visits NASA’s Johnson Space Center

  Whew, I can’t believe 2012 is almost over, it’s been one busy year to say the least. Our last wedding for the year was last weekend, so now I think we have some breathing room for some blogging. Here’s some fun stuff we shot while visiting NASA’s  Johnson Space Center in Houston.  I grabbed…

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