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Ok, ok….it’s been a really long time since our last Blog post.  Days turn in to weeks turn in to…..well, you get the picture.  So, I am officially making it my Summertime Resolution to BLOG BLOG BLOG if only because we have so many great things to blog about!  To begin this personal call to action I’d like to start with the notion of how wonderful fate can be.  There I was – standing between a bazillion frames at Aaron Brothers when from out of the corner of my eye I spotted such a beautiful mom.  In one hand she carried her selection of frames while with the other hand she pushed her stroller containing the most precious baby girl with eyes, oh my goodness those eyes….well, you’ll see.  It’s times like these that I thank my lucky stars to have been raised by  parents who had no inhibitions when it came to publicly cooing and fawning all over children.  Trust me – there were times when all I wanted to do was melt in to the floor.  Today, it is a behavior that I carry on proudly.  So, to make a long Blog short, this chance encounter lead to the most amazing session with the most wonderful family you could ever hope for.  Call it fate or call it chance.  No matter what it was – I sure know I was in the best possible place at the best possible time.  Ron and I look forward to watching you grow Baby Allison.  We can’t wait until the next time.  {{hugs}}

Here are a few of our favorites………





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