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I wanted to thank all the brides with whom we had the opportunity to speak with at the Walnut Creek Bridal Fair.  The Marriott Hotel provided a wonderful venue for the event as always.  We also had a great time talking with all the other great wedding vendors.  There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a new bride experiencing for the first time what will become her wedding.  Visiting the Event Staff, Caterers, Cake decorators, and of course their photographer.  Many times the brides have yet to decide on the style of her wedding.  Will it be elegant, festive, classic or contemporary?  Seeing the possibilities at an all inclusive event such as a Bridal Fair is a real eye opener for her.  It’s the same with their photographer.  What style of photography will she want for preserving the memories of her most special day?  There’s Traditional, Formal, Candid, Photojournalistic.  Will she want B&W images, full color or an edgy cross processed look to her album?  Many times she hasn’t even thought about these possibilities.  That’s where Arken Studios comes in.  We can help make the decision by showing the options.  We can also photograph the wedding in any style desired with our experience and training.  One thing is sure, the Bride and Groom can be rest assured that making the decision to use Arken Studios to photograph their wedding will be the most comfortable decision for their day.  We LOVE photographing weddings.  Call us and schedule a FREE consultation so we capture your love and your wedding with our unique artistry!  707-824-0497

bridal_fair_0001Bridal Fair Booth

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