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Thanks to the SFP meetup group for last Saturday’s twilight shoot at Dolores Park! The fire spinners were a blast, and the after party and practically open bar with beautiful view of the city were amazing. The photo competition was definitely fun. Since we had to enter just one photo directly out of camera, it got the creative juices flowing – what can I do that’s different that is completely in-camera with zero post-processing?
The following image won one of the runner-up prizes. (I think it was 7th or 8th place?) I set the color temperature to 7500 Kelvin to make it warmer, 4 sec exposure at f/10 at ISO 800.  I focused on the fire spinner for about 1.5 seconds, captured someone else’s flash illuminating the girl from behind, then covered the lens with my hand, spun around, and exposed the city skyline for the remainder of the time (about 1 second).

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