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“Thrill the World” images are posted!

Saturday, October 24, 2009.  Sausalito, Ca.  5:30pm Part of a world wide synchronized event and an attempt at a world record for a Flash Mob. Two galleries are posted:  Proceeds from print purchases go to since they were the organizers of this location event.  The People who attended and particpated: Images from the actual…

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Another spectacular Sunrise in Sebastopl

Monday morning I saw the beginning of another spectacular sunrise here in Sebastopol.  The back of our home faces East so we are frequently treated to impressive sunrises but this one turned out to be very impressive.  Who could complain about getting up early after being treated to something like this?

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Senior photo shoot with Ashley at our studio in Sebastopol

Shooting Ashley! Ever wonder why we call it “Shooting”?  It’s not like there’s a cross hair in the viewfinder or that the subject is running away from us photographers – maybe it’s the “deer in headlights” looks that some photographers get.  I dunno…  Anyway, a couple weekends ago I shot Ashley, or more precisely I…

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