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I took advantage of the beautiful day in the city yesterday and walked all the way to North Beach to check out the North Beach Festival. It was fun! Along the 3 mile journey there I encountered the World Naked Bikeride and talked to some interesting folks there. Some were there just because it’s fun being naked, but others were there for a “cause”. I lost track of what one guy was there for because I soon realized he was a crazy conspiracy theorist… and let me tell you folks, there is nothing worse than talking to a conspiracy theorist while their bits are dangling somewhere below you. Anyway… the rest of the day was lovely. Talked to some local artists and photographers, one of which told me about how hard it’s been this year doing booths at festivals because nobody’s really getting a good return on them anymore. Please, support your local artists!!! I also ended up meeting up with one of my roommates and on our way home we got involved in a spontaneous game of sidewalk volleyball! Finished off the evening by going to my friend Jake’s 12th story apartment and getting some killer shots of the view during the golden hour. Check out some of the photos I took.


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